Library Book Adoption

The collections at NSLM exist for use by researchers and visitors that come to the Library every year, and we are careful to take every precaution to slow the normal shelf wear that comes with access to our materials. Nevertheless, many rare, antiquarian, or unique books come to us in "well-loved" condition that precludes immediate addition to the collection. Many of these books begin to break down after minimal use, forcing us to withdraw them from researchers until they can be repaired.

The Book Adoption Program allows the NSLM to save some fantastic treasures in need of care before going back into our Rare Books Room. Several of these books are irreplaceable pieces of history, and others are rare enough that purchase of a replacement copy is prohibitively expensive. All of them contain noteworthy historical information on equestrian, angling, and field sports. By underwriting the restoration of these volumes, you will be saving that history for future researchers and sporting enthusiasts. 

It is our hope that individuals, groups, and sporting organizations will assist us in saving these rare materials. After repairs are completed, a special plate commemorating the adopter will be added to the book. Participation in the program is a special way to support NSLM and to honor friends, family, or bibliophiles in your life.

We would like to thank our members and donors at all levels for their support of NSLM. With your help, we continue to serve the community to explore and celebrate the past, present, and future of sport.

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